ellie : tyler, texas

I was so nervous about walking into the week, but I felt so welcomed into the sisterhood and loved seeing the wide range of talent in the room! It reminded me that we're all still learning and growing no matter what stage we're at. I gained confidence in myself and left ready to conquer the world! Thank you for taking a risk on this workshop, and on me. I am truly forever changed by it!

petra : germany

Thank you so much for four really good days in December. I felt like all my questions were answered, and I loved the personal feedback of my work--it blessed my heart and helped me to grow. It was so easy to connect and feel part of the group--probably my biggest worry in the cool, creative scene. My biggest takeaway was a creative recharge, rest, friendship, and a new love for what I do.

caitlin : bend, oregon

I think I will look back on this experience as a major turning point in my life. When I came to HEY, SISTA I was filled with doubt about my ability to be a successful artist. Now I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. Allison & Lauren created a safe space for a diverse group of women. The sessions were all incredibly valuable, but more than that, the safe space to explore and take risks is incredibly powerful.